The Satellite Project

Over a two year period I participated in a residency program at the New Museum in New York called New Inc. During this time I co-founded an R&D lab in NY whose focus is the invention of technology for in-camera photography and film-making. This project extends my interest in how we experience and learn about our world through imaging technology that is directly in conversation with it. I'm specifically interested in how we perceive and deal with past moments through these technologies.

This page is a journal where I will be sharing experiments and new work from this project.


Here and Then

These experiments combine simple optical devices with materials sourced from the construction of domestic spaces, focusing of overlapping materials in various states such as sand and glass. The invention of light-sources moving at supersonic speed enables the use of moving light within images arrested in time.  This results in an image of a specific past moment, captured in a fraction of a second, yet which is changeable in the present.

Installation / Interactive Work

Viewed in a physical space, the position of a viewer within that space alters the record of that frozen moment. These can be viewed interactively online.

Film  / Video Work

Early experiments building light and camera technology